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Hi, about few months ago(that's when it all started), I've been distressed, terrorized, and disgusted with unwanted thoughts in my head. Sometimes, they make me literally puke, I get so upset and so traumatized by them. I have all kinds of intrusive thoughts running in head; ranging from murder, pedophilia to incest(my obsessions keeps changing every day!). All the disgusting stuff you can imagine. I also worry a lot about symmetry, and if something isn't symmetric, I get nervous, my heart starts to run very fast and I get really irritated. Latter is true for all intrusive thoughts. They're occasional, and when triggered, really hits me bad. I lose all hope. I feel like an evil person, even though I haven't done anything wrong at all. Jesus, why would I! I really need Help. As I am writing this, my mind tells me that I am faking it and that I really am something bad. I doubt so much! Is this OCD?

Hi Jack,

It seems to me that your anxiety attacks and anxious thoughts may be due to hypoglycemia (

This can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (

I suggest yon test yourself with the

Testing for Hypoglycemia by Questionnaires
  Nutrition-Behavior Inventory (NBI)

  Hypoglycemic Questionnaire (short test)
If you score high it may be an indication that you could be  hypoglycemic (  This is a silent disease that is responsible for excess production of stress hormones - like adrenaline and cortisol - and which may trigger depression, anxiety, OCD or a low self-esteem.

I suggest you try out hypo diet and see how you go.

If you want to you  can discuss this with your doctor or nutritional doctor.

Jurriaan Plesman BA (Psych) Post Grad Dip Clin Nutrition
Editor of the Hypoglycemic Association of Australia
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