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How to do i stop my self-conscious mind from thinking of myself that iam black and not so good looking,lack in appearence cuz here everyone joking abt this & there's no one is helping plz tell me abt any cream or something that works or anything that i do to get rid of it.Also, i can't speak with my friends when i try to speak and i feel very anxious when speaking with anyone cuz i think few years back i isolated from childhood friends and start living alone and today i lack in knowledge about today so i can't talk with anyone & start feeling uncomfortable & anxious talking when with schoolmates,plz help me iam dying of loneliness and of my problems,does there anything u know to control it.

Dear Sunny,
You seem to have a low self-esteem, not so much because of all the reasons you give, but rather because you are likely to suffer from hypoglycemia, that can cause people to have a low self-esteem.  Please test yourself with

Testing for Hypoglycemia by Questionnaires
  Nutrition-Behavior Inventory (NBI)

  Hypoglycemic Questionnaire (short test)
If you score high it may be an indication that you could be  hypoglycemic (  This is a silent disease that is responsible for excess production of stress hormones - like adrenaline and cortisol - and which may trigger depression, anxiety or a low self-esteem.

This can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (

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Treatment of a Low Self Esteem

Discuss this with your doctor or preferably with a nutritional doctor.

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The Hypoglycemic Health Association of Australia.
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