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Anxiety Disorders/panic attack or loss of balance


Recently while sitting my left ear/sinus/head popped and my head fell to the left. I tried to stand up to get water, get down the stairs and call my mom to tell her I thought I would pass out. My thumb was not able to hit mom correctly on my phone and my legs would not work, everything was going black. I am pretty sure since this was extremely frightening for me that the heart racing that followed was a panic attack. I never had one before. I tried to eat and see if I felt better, but felt worse went to emergicenter, couldn't walk straight, vomited they sent me to er. Er docs said low blood sugar maybe and sent me away. In between I felt dizzy but not bad then few days later bent over and lost balance again, tried to eat and lay down, felt like my heart would pop out my chest. went to er who says this time it's a coffee addiction and by now I was shaking. They said follow up with primary care doc, who wouldn't let me say much of anything. She said my eyes look big. I tried to say they have always been big. She didn't believe me (like usual)so figure whatever she can check my thyroid again and maybe next week she'll let me tell her about the loss of balance since the er has it simply put as lightheadedness. This doc and this doc only thinks I have a prolonged anxiety problem. I had a sudden weird rash a few years back, I was scared and no one would listen so I was talking very fast. I asked for something to take in the event this now is panic attacks. She says she can't go find psychiatrist. I spent yesterday calling places asking me what I'm diagnosed with. I said that's why I'm calling to find out. They said primary care doc would be the one to prescribe something and also to evaluate me for anxiety. She says no one there can do that (she has lied in the past when I had the rash and said she couldn't allergy test me, then when my hair was falling out she sent me for allergy tests) I have ran into a circle. In my head any time I've had a panic attack has been related to a scary weird health situation that happens suddenly not in general worried. I sleep great ect. The 3 other docs I saw at er didn't say it was anxiety so it seems rather subjective. I had ekg normal, resting blood pressure normal. My potassium was at 3.4 which they say is fine. Ever since I was 25 I had gastritis and don't eat a lot of foods, however what I do eat is healty, just not balanced. After the weird rash (doc said was caused by my anxiety) I did elimination diets and I think it is nightshades for example no rash then I eat peppers and get small rash will go away until say I eat tomatoes. So I just limit these so it's not in every meal. My calcium was low not off the chart and same with vitamin d. I took suppliments and at hat time potassium was 3.5. I do get strange muscle cramps and spasms. After the strange rash started I realized bruises would take a month to heal as my kid grabbed my arm and my whole upper arm was a bruise for over a month. I was good about taking vitamins and that has gone away, then once better I stop taking vitamins. My hair started to fall out a little over a year ago, I got all kinds of hairy, even extra eyelashes. My blood sugar is going down rather than up after a meal, eventually it will go up, so doc says that is nothing. I was drinking about 10 cups of coffee every day. I have had none for 3 days. Also, I know this is stupid, but for many years I have been a heavy pot smoker. Do you think any of this could be vitamin deficiency? Does the dizziness and pop go with classic panic attack. I have since realized it's not going to kill me so when I get dizzy now or if my heart races I just lay down and the anxiety isn't following after. I'm confused and I wonder if this doc always says everything is from anxiety then why won't she just drug me and see if it goes away??? I don't think before these health scares I had anxiety, but this doctor stuff does give me anxiety, especially my primary care doc, who herself was talking super fast last time I was there. Any insight, comments, ect is greatly appreciated. I know it will be ok, it's just confusing at the moment. Thank You so much :)

Dear Renee,

It is difficult to assess your emotional problems from a distance, but if Anxiety seems to be a common element it may be worthwhile investigation the connection between anxiety and hypoglycemic (

This can be treated by going on a hypoglycemic diet (

I suggest that you adopt the hypoglycemic diet and see how you go after a month on this diet. I also suggest that maybe you should ask for a referral to a nutritional doctor for a proper nutritional assessment.

Jurriaan Plesman BA (Psych) Post Grad Dip Clin Nutrition
Editor of the Hypoglycemic Association of Australia
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