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Hi lately I have been trying to help my mother with her fear of death while talking to her about dying and what scares her about it I began to realize that every time we started to talk about it I would get this fear in the pit of my stomach knowing that one day I was going to try to take a breath and wouldn't be able to and then for the next few minutes smother until my body died. I live the fear as though it's about to happen. I get this fear all the time now it's always going through my mind thoughts of dying popping up for no reason living it as though I've been put on a waiting list for surgery feeling the fear about the operation not knowing when I'm up but also knowing I can't stop it. Is there something that can help with this fear
Please help

Hi Cyndi,

While you are trying to help your mother with her fear of death by talking about it, what you don’t realize is that you are also picking up on her unspoken thoughts and feelings… And because you are also not expressing them, giving them acceptance, expression and release, you are by your denials, taking them on as your own emotional feelings as well as any thoughts or physical sensations that you are picking up from her. This is what I call an energy attachment and now that you know how it was formed, you can begin to release it.

One way to begin to clear this energy is that the next time you are talking to your mother about death and you feel what you just described, tell her that you are intuitively picking up on her thoughts and feelings and that if she doesn’t end her denials and  express them, then you will.  If she is open to being real and expressing, not explaining or talking about them, but actually getting into the deep dark places that she is afraid to look at, then it will be a healing experience for her and you.  If she doesn’t, but you pick up on them, then you need to allow yourself to express what you are feeling and that includes any and all emotions and feelings as well as body sensations. She may run or try to stop you, but this is now all about you as she had her chance to end her denials. This is NOT about being unloving and rejecting your mother, but about rejecting her unloving denials, and that is being loving to yourself and to her. Contrary to popular opinions and beliefs, denials of the truth are not loving….

There is a lot more to it and you may want to download my free ebooks from my website at and read chapter 7, that shows how you can use meditation/visualization as a means to release your attachment to her without actually having to physically talk to her, although it will come up again to see if you are going to be real, or continue as you did before… in which case, the cycle will not only continue, but get worse. If you have any more questions, you know where you can reach me.


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