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Thank you for taking my question.  This question is regarding severe anxiety that my girlfriend is currently experiencing.  Since we have been together, she has experienced major anxiety disorder, which has included panic attacks, anxiety induced hallucinations, self harm, and even suicide attempts.  We have tried just about all of the standard treatment options, such as hospitalization, medications, therapy with a psychologist, and DBT therapy.  None of these have been successful.  

The next step that we are planning on trying is transcendental meditation.  After my online research, I have heard many conflicting opinions on how effective it is.  Since it is not cheap (about $1500), I am inquiring about whether or not you believe this is a quality program to treat severe anxiety.  Also, I was wondering if you knew of anything else worthwhile we could try.  We have been struggling with this for years now, and nothing has been working.  Any information you have is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Nick,

Iím confused as to whether your girlfriend has only had this severe anxiety since the two of you have been together, as you also say this has been going on for years.  For by that, saying that one is suffering from anxiety is a general phrase, much like saying we have weather, it could be anything.

In order to solve and heal the problem, you need to identify the problem with very specific details.  You need to know who, what, where, when, why, and how, and then when you get an answer, you repeat the process, and you keep going until you feel you have reached the bottom. This is not merely a mental process, as emotions play a key role in uncovering and healing the issues.  Once you have something tangible to work with, you can then use meditation as a tool for healing and self empowerment.

Transcendental meditation, will not, repeat, NOT, heal or empower anyone, as it is based in denial and suppression of feelings and emotions, which is the opposite of what you need in order to heal. Itís really no different than a drug that gives you a temporary quick fix.  Of course, like with any drug, you can keep taking it to suppress and deny your feelings and emotions until you are numb and dumb, and have tuned them out to the point that they donít surface, and you are floating in what I call, La La Land. While you may no longer feel the emotions, you also have lost part of your mental abilities as well.

There is a much more effective and not expensive solution, and all that it requires is sincere and honest intent, and conviction to face her fears, instead of trying to find a quick fix solution. Working with a partner will be helpful, but in the end, it will all be up to her and her alone.

So what is the solution you may be asking? You can download a copy of my free eBooks from my website
Book 1 uses meditation/visualization as a tool to heal and understand your feelings and emotions.  

Book 2 gives you a host of insights and understandings, as well as the three levels of healing that I have personally experienced.

Book 3, is my autobiography, where I share the trials and tribulations I went through, in not only developing the tools and techniques, but also in applying them to see if they worked, and they doÖ

All three books will be available in print form, hopefully, within a couple of months. If you have further questions, you know where you can reach me.


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