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For years I have suffered from bouts of light headedness, a strange sense of loss of equilibrium, brain fog, an unusual feeling that the floor is dropping or moving ( as when you step onto a boat). I have also experience odd sensation of like your passing out that last a second or two then goes away. I have seen a cardiologist and had tests run (other than benign palpitations- no significant issues). I actually had a MRI on my head and spine with no abnormities found. I have learned to just ignore it but it does create anxiety at times. Standing in line, being in large groups of people (supermarkets, ect) can bring it on. Any ideas on if this could be an inner ear issue. I have no real dizziness or sensations of room “spinning”.

Hi Sam,  
With all the test you have undergone It is not easy to locate the problem. But as a Nutritional psychotherapist, the first port of call would be a possible hypoglycemia (

This can be tested at home by
Testing for Hypoglycemia by Questionnaires
  Nutrition-Behavior Inventory (NBI)

  Hypoglycemic Questionnaire (short test)

A proper medical medical test for hypoglycemic explained at:  
Testing for Hypoglycemia,
If you score high it may be an indication that you could be  hypoglycemic (  This is a silent disease that is responsible for excess production of stress hormones - like adrenaline and cortisol - and which may trigger depression, anxiety or a low self-esteem.

If symptoms continue to bother you I suggest get a referral to a nutritional doctor.

Jurriaan Plesman BA (Psych) Post Grad Dip Clin Nutrition
Editor of the Hypoglycemic Association of Australia
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