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Hi Doctor
i face a problem from one year ago summarized as following
i feel like electrical shock in my head and feeling like lightheadness or light dizzy especially through my sleep. i went to doctor and tell me that i have anxiety with panic attack. he give me antidepressant drug but after that i entered huge fear feeling
i suffer from head pressure feeling. what you advice me

Hi mahmoud,

I'm not a medical doctor so I can't help you in that area. What I would suggest is that you write about when this all started and what you were doing at the time. What did you experience? Are you feeling pressured with your life. Is there too much going on in your Mind? Your Body/Mind is trying to tell you something, but you need to listen to what it is saying. Meditation is a good way to do this. Hope this helps


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I do not follow traditional methods of therapy that treat the outer symptoms or give the illusion of a cure with a bandage approach in order to make one "feel good" by denying the real issues, the inner causes. I have eleven intensive years of personal experience in many "NEW AGE" areas that have lead me to discover new ways and methods of REAL emotional healing and in turn also healing our mental and physical bodies. I work with healing ALL emotions, the mental blocks holding them in place and the physical manifestations they represent. I use the knowledge and insights I have gained through either personal experience or my experience in working with others on their healing journey. I also use my intuition and other abilities to assist others to touch and begin to heal their real issues. If you have intent to HEAL your emotions and to take responsibility for your personal well being then I may be able to assist you. If you are looking for a quick fix, don`t ask me. Reed


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