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  A few years ago, I found a house to rent on CraigsList. At the time I was working for my cousin doing process serving, but she ended up not paying me on time for a month (I was a 1099 status), so I ended up getting evicted for non-payment. I understood where they were coming from, but now I am looking into an apartment or another house to rent (or rent to own eventually). Should I mention this eviction? I want to have full disclosure, and not risk Karma coming back to bite me. Thank you!!



You should let anyone who is processing your application know about your eviction.  Most applications request this information and most have a disclaimer that any inaccurate information can be grounds for a denial.  You didn't mention if you ever paid off your debt to the previous owner/management company that evicted you.  I work with several owners that will accept someone in your circumstance as long as the old debt was paid.  The idea being that everyone runs into trouble now and then but paying your old debt means that you are not likely to leave your new home with an unpaid bill and if you do, they can reasonably expect to be paid back.

Your chance of being approved for a new home with an eviction increases if you rent from an individual owner or a smaller management company.  Large national companies are less likely to care about your backstory.  They normally automatically deny anyone with an eviction.

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