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Apartments/tenant calling police on other tenant


I have a situation where one tenant for the past year calls the police 911 for noises coming from the apartment next door for ex: taking a shower, vacuuming the carpet (at 9:30 AM), saying he his banging on the wall when he is not even in the apt. I talk to the police at every call they tell her the same thing there is no criminal offense so no report is filed. the police arrived 3 weeks ago to find the tenant she was complaining on walking his dog at the park down the street, the call the other night the police stood in front of the apt for 10 mins no noise finally knock on the door the gentleman is asleep, this goes on all the time I have asked the one tenant if she would call me first before she calls the police to see if we can resolve this peacefully...she tells me I am violating her civil rights by not letting her call the police I didn't tell her not to call. any advice this is a tax credit property

She is absolutely correct that she may call the police as many times as she feels it's necessary.  It will fall to the police department to reprimand her for filing false reports or what have you.  You may wish to extract yourself from the situation by letting the neighbor know that he is welcome to file a complaint with the police himself.  This way he will hopefully understand that your hands are tied.  

Sometimes as Property Managers we take too much upon ourselves.  This situation is a perfect example.  Remove yourself from the equation and explain to both parties that you will no longer be involved.  If your tenant feels she is threatened, she needs to call the police.  If her neighbor feels harassed, he too needs to take it up with the authorities.  

Our jobs are stressful enough.  Stop adding to it.

I wish you the best of luck!


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