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This is my situation. I live in Texas and back in January 2013 I put down a transfer fee ($150.00) to move in a different (within same complex) apartment. The situation in which I was suppose to move in (specific apartment written on money order) was already leased to someone else. The Apartment Manager at the time told me to find another apartment that I like. Well, in March my lease was up in the apartment I was living in. I sign a another lease in the same apartment and at that time they were doing renovations and was told I could transfer to an apartment that I like. I found the apartment that I wanted to move into but they kept telling me they are getting it ready. Fast forward to December 2013 the apartment was not ready, and the Apartment Complex change ownership. I was wondering can I get my transfer fee back and who do I need to go after?


When there is a change in Management or ownership all documents and money in escrow are transferred to the new owner/manager.  You should have no trouble at all retrieving your deposit.  Just bring your documents to the office and ask for a refund.  It should be a fairly simple process.  If you have any trouble please let me know.  I would be happy to provide you with additional assistance.


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