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Hello,I would like to know where can I buy sport brands as wholesale.I've read online that I should contact the brand itself e.g. Nike ,but in meanwhile I see many stores or online stores selling the products either they are very small or big shops.And I am talking about original stuff.Thank you in advance!

If you have a retail business, you should be able to connect directly with any wholesale company; but that doesn't mean you'll be able to purchase from them. Many companies limit their distribution, so depending on your location and type of business, you still may run into some issues with obtaining products. I suggest you got to the corporate site of any company you're interested in and click on the contact us link; then send a note to them explaining you are a retailer and looking to speak with a sales representative regarding purchasing products. You can also look up trade shows relative to the type of products you want and attend these shows to meet directly with companies during the show.


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