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Hello,I would like to know where can I buy sport brands as wholesale.I've read online that I should contact the brand itself e.g. Nike ,but in meanwhile I see many stores or online stores selling the products either they are very small or big shops.And I am talking about original stuff.Thank you in advance!

When buying wholesale, in most cases you will need you EIN or Tax Id number. ( at least in the USA) in order to purchase from wholesale dealers. You are assigned that number when you open a formal legal business.  If you are talking about big brands like Nike , they may also require you to purchase large quantity like a full container or Eagle as they are called.

Yes, you may find many "lots" on sale on various other sites, these are probably jobbers or person who buy seconds or persons who buy a lot and break it up in order to charge a little more than the vendor and make money. Many times from these other sources you do not need a tax number.
So my friend, it all comes down to what quantity you are seeking and the styles and sizes and how much you are willing to pay. I hope this helps you. Good Luck! Jill


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