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Apparel/Vision for my own beanie hat brand


Hi Arthur,

I hope all is well. I would like to create my own beanie hat brand, with the focus on motivational words and sayings embeded on the beanies. I am a women of motivational words, and I want to create a beanie brand that would inspire consumers. It is frustrating to not be able to find hats or beanies with words of encouragement. Instead, we see popular beanie brands, selling hats that are being worn by the general public and celebrities titled (HOMIE),(WASTED), (KILLING IT) etc...  we need motivation and encouraging  words for the peoples, bad days, anger, and pain. We don't always have to be so cold and uptight. I want to introduce fresh ideas and a different way of thinking to the world, For example, a beanie with the saying (NATURAL BEAUTY), (Jealousy is a UGLY Feeling), (THINK LIKE A LADY), (RESPECT), (MANUP),( LOVE YOURSELF), (FEARLESS). I know people will want to puchase beanies like these... but I have to have a niche, and because beanies are so popular, I have to ask myself how are my beanies so different from the rest. These will be my thinking caps. I have more ideas to come, but I just wanted to give you a brief idea of my passion. So, my question to you Authur is since I am just starting off, I have been collecting ideas onto flash cards and putting them into an envelope about different  manufacturers, business proposals, marketing plans... down to the color, fabric and font size embedded on the hats and for about a year now. I would like to know Authur what should be my first step. Since I am just starting would it be wise to just purchase some inexpensive beanies in bulks and get them personally custom embroidered, or find an existing beanie hat brand that will let me put my label on their brand. Moreover, find a manufacturer, which I know is more expensive, to create my own beanie. As of now with all my ideas and ready to start my brand where, do I start today. Thank you for your time.

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Probably the best way to proceed is find a supplier through a local company that creates promotional products (t-shirts, apparel, hats. etc. - look for screen printers) and work on your product concept. Use available caps from the market and refine your designs so you can test in a smaller market environment. Once you have some feedback from both store you may want to sell and consumers, then you can explore making these direct with factories (minimum quantities are much higher). Focus on creating the quality you want without considering price, then evaluate the cost based on producing larger quantities. If you make a cheap version just to control costs and capture some profit early in the process, you may not accurately measure the potential. Better to design what you think is the right quality, take a much lower profit or no profit initially to test the validity, then source direct to see how much you can improve the price if you move forward. Hope this helps.



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