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I have worn many M+FG t-shirts over the years. At one point I probably owned 50. Then I lost everything I owned (and my job) and was down to zero. Now I have one but I miss the designs of my old shirts and wondered...what happens to the old designs? Are they in a database somewhere? Are the old designs ever used again or are they available for order?

Most companies store old pattern if they are manual.  Many firms have gone to computerized records and if styles where discontinued they probably did not store them digitally, The only way to really know is to contact the sales office of the company and give them the style number is you have it on the tag of your garment.

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15 years technical professional working in Asia and recently Caribbean and Latin America. Experienced in Denim, knits, super stretch knits, mens casual, polos and khaki, womens separates, special sizes and toddler through teen boys and girls. I teach pattern making and draping. Recently started up my own company for technical design solutions with a team that can offer full package consulting as well.

A.A.S Illinois institute of Art Currently teach at Miami school of art and design in the fashion department, history of fashion, textiles, knit design, pattern making and construction one through four

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