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Arab Culture/American Girl wants to marry an Arabic Man


ali wrote at 2008-09-21 23:27:05
hello TARA i agree with you do the best do in your life , especially if you get  the right islam,,


Ahmed wrote at 2010-10-13 08:25:15
Hello everyone!

I am a man from Iraq want to marry an american or canadian girl which knows english or spanish. I want the girl for a wife to stay with as long as I live and build a happy family with her and have children.

So, if anyone there, I am ready to talk to him and get to know each other better; and who knows perhaps this will change to a happy wedding. I would also like to tell you that am ready to relocate to anywhere my beloved woman wants. I am also ready to welcome here to my country to stay with my family ( parents, brother and sisters) to know me better and make her decision whether am suitable to be her husband or not.

Chris wrote at 2012-06-17 21:19:03
seriously?? you can find christian men from Jordan, Lebanon,and few other arab countries if you're into middle eastern men. After all, i don't get it you spoke by phone and then you want to marry the guy?? what is wrong with you people. and you wanna trade up your religion whatever it is to convert to islam??? Please grow up & wake up. who throws cheaply his / her religion  

awan wrote at 2012-06-21 10:38:17
tara you should embbrace Islam . because islam is a wide and very kind religion.I also want to marry a english or american girl in i am a student.i am living in UAE . I am a PAKISTANI boy .can you please find a girl for me . if you find a girl for then send a message to me my email id is  

Ahouiza Charles wrote at 2012-07-03 15:31:19
Hey Tara,

The decision you are taking is really big. My mom married into a muslim family but luckily, my father was christian (but still had his muslim ideologies). I beg you do not make the mistake of marrying into a muslim family because only few muslim families accept non-muslim daughter in laws. Now that you are thinking about changing your religion for your man and you're not even yet married to him. Think about it, once you're married to him, they'll be a lot of things you'll have to change for him. Many of such marriages do not work out except the woman changes everything about herself for the man and his family. Islam is a very chauvinist religion. You are American and not bound by culture or tradition as my mother's people were and she still found it hard to be with my father. Their marriage did not work out. I beg you to please consider what you are getting yourself into. If you really feel this is what you want to do, prepare yourself for a life of inadequacies and the religious strain of being muslim. My mother has begged me never to make that mistake, I beg you not to either.

polite wrote at 2012-08-30 13:24:42
you are doing the right thing ,go ahead and convert to Islam (very important),,,and then every thing will be awesome.

samir wrote at 2012-12-06 09:40:59
well to be frank with you if religion is a problem and you wish to marry an arab just any arab, well find your self a nice Christian Arab..  

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