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Arab Culture/American Women deceived when marrying Muslim men


meq wrote at 2009-01-19 14:25:31
As to being with a Muslim Jordanian and having one child with him, I believe that any American must think twice, and then once more, and then once more (you get my point) before marrying a Muslim.  It has been nothing but a power struggle between us since the day he turned off his charm. This day concidentally is the day I got pregnant.  Muslim men are all about power and control.  Women have no rights, be it financial, educational, or political.  Muslim men, and not only my experience but others I know, are the face of the devil.  If you value your freedom, stay away---this is not a warning, it a promise of what can be taken away from you.

A Gentleman wrote at 2013-05-02 11:09:15

I came across this page as I was just doing some reading about cultural marriages and the marrying among different religions. Please do forgive me for any spelling mistakes I may type forth, first and formeost and since this is about marrying a Muslim man tricking the a Christian Female, we must keep in mind that the Islamic Faith is inocent from this and that is just the work of the man who happened to be a Muslim. Islamic Faithis quite clear on how social life be carried out and the most simplest ideology is never to trick or lie. Generally, two couples whom are married started their marriage with a lie will END and NEVERLASTS. Now back to the point, The man involved in the story has lied and tricked the Christian Lady and thus he is just a Lying Man who lives a life full of lies (thats simply it), now Islam thinks well of Christians and Jews and concider them (ahlu al kitab) whcih means people of the book, and islam itself does not force people of other religions to convert, and it is clearly stated in the Quran and you are welcome to contact me to give you the reference for it. I have a friend who is a muslim and is married to Christian lady, and she has chosen to convert to islam on her own...reasons, she saw her husband (my friend) prying, reading and the good treatment she experienced with him and still doese, this made her think for future and decided that she wanted to convert and she did lafter 3 years into their marriage and the intresting part is, she is happy because her children will NOT experience parents of different religions and may be of different beliefs. One religion and one belief.

Many men and this is seen all over the world will attempt to marry females out their for Citizenship...this happened, is happeneing will remain happening. Other reasons I can think of are, MONEY (Western females fdont give a damn of socaile statusof her future husband) at least the sensible ones and I am not talking about the common blonde ones (media critics say about them) I am refering to the ones who take life seriouse and want to make a family of her own. Now, and at this point, I will say this...Muslim females are only allowed marry a MUSLIM MAN (nationality..not important what so ever) but a Muslim man CAN marry a Muslim, Christian and a JEW - PEOPLE OF THE BOOK) and arent allowed to mayy Hindus, Budists...etc. since they dont beliefe in a TRUE GOD. The main reason is, that a Muslim man fathers muslim children at the time a None muslim man marrying  muslim woman...the children will hold the father's religion. Seconldy (I know this too long for comment) Islam is teaches good faith and social life, and only people who maintain a clear vision of the belief of the Quran you will never ever experience ill treatment of Muslims (men or women) I do advise all females out there (espcially non muslim ladies) dont get involved with a man (Muslim) unless you truly trust him and really dealt with him and met his fellow friends especially had his folks blessing...only then you know that he is being honest and truthful. Also if you get intimate with a Muslim man...then know this....he is a cheater because a real Muslim man willnever be intimate with you unless you are his WIFE.  I hope I enlightend you with the basics.  Take care.

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