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Arab Culture/Oral Sex And Anal Sex Before Marriage


Jamshaid ZUbairee wrote at 2008-10-20 05:35:29
Muslims are not allowed to have any intimate sexual activity before mirage and even after marriage EXCEPT with there husband or wife. your GF is a grand lair & she is deceiving you and advise for her and others like her is that.............IF YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG, SAY THAT I AM DOING WRONG DONT TRY TO JUSTIFY YOURSELF USING A NOBLE RELEGION this way there is possibility that Allah my lead you right path and you can become a GOOD PRACTISING MUSLIM

Sam wrote at 2008-11-04 11:04:12
The coran is very clear, it`s strongly forbidden to have any kind of sex before marriage either for the man or for the woman.

Knowledgeboy wrote at 2008-11-16 13:04:04
The answer is quite strange... I mean no one ask you to gie lesson. The fact is that sex is not allowed for both of you...Stop to think that islam has rule only for women !!

Zahara wrote at 2008-11-22 15:43:23
Interesting situation about the sexual activity of this man's "girlfriend". Perhaps I watch too much television, but the first thought to my mind is that perhaps the "girlfriend" is not, in fact, a girl at all. Sorry dude, but... it would explain alot, after the expert's answer.

mustafa wrote at 2009-01-05 07:40:20
Before answering a uestion you HAVE to

In islam you can do whatever!!!

Read the islamic books, yes BOOKS because there'r more then only coran!!!

*Marriage with a 6 year-old girl!!

*Petting (rubbing your Penis between the legs of the littel girl, like the prophet mohamed did with aisha).

*Breastfeeding an adult man to ensure that there's NO allowed relation between!!

*Anal sex & oral sex are ALLOWED in islam!!!

Aisha herself said that in islamic books!!

Its not considered like SEX, for islam its only petting!!

Read more & don't let someone fool you!!!

If you ask directly NOBODY will tell you the truth!!

For the NON-MUSLIMS (kuffar): Its just ONE answer!!


AGAIN: Read more the islamic BOOKS!!



Sahih moslem


Sam wrote at 2009-06-02 19:43:39
Wearing hijab means that she is religieus, and been religieus means she is forbidden to have any sexual contact of any kind before marriage, besides in the Islam is also forbidden that a moslim woman get marry to unmoslim man. The Quran is very clear on that.

Amjad Mahmood-Iqbal wrote at 2013-02-14 21:59:18
100% agreed its true no sex or even getting intimate allowed or laying nude b/f maariage.

But most still do it all the time !!!

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