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wahab wrote at 2009-05-25 19:06:13

iam a jordanian guy and i used to work in jordan migration, this might be hard for u to accept because you love this guy but ill tell you what, this guy is a big lier, ther's no such rules for foreigners to marry a jordanian girl inorder to get the passport, in fact a jordanian girl cant give the passport meaning if a jordanian girl got married with any other nationality the jordanian passport wont be giving to him, that is the first thing, the second thing is that palastinians with thier temporary palestanian passport or documents either from west bank or from gazza strip are allowed to work in any arab country with thier documents even in saudi or in jordan he can stay as much as he wants as long as he's working there, the third thing thing is that if i may say execuse me to say that but asian people are not accepted in jordan we have around 10,000 chiniese girls working in jordanian factories and its an acceptable for people to talk to thim in fact they are living thier own community with no contacts of any jordanian people, the reason why he told you all of those thing is to get away with lies after he took what he wants from you.


HM wrote at 2010-02-27 12:37:25
i have never heard about such procedures government will  

force anybody to marry this way , he is just giving excuses .

I am Syrian and i know this kind of people , i am sorry don't believe those premises and excuses .

as Le Ann said, find another Guy .

akeejo wrote at 2010-06-03 09:24:19
Hi le anne

my answer what he said is not true and he cheat you truly , his problem that he is already married, all story about passport is fake, and never a rules such as that in Jordan, even if he married and wanna marry you he can do that easy , he needs to marry to proof that he is single , but he canít do that , so he create this story .... gud luck

jerry wrote at 2012-01-08 07:53:52
my family disowned me because i have married a Philippine so i really do care my problem and other say if you happy and shes is go head enjoy and get married in Las Vegas and screw the rest of them all . all Arab like that with me my parent wntaed me to take from the family i said keep it so someone else .just you'll go get and have some fun it  is been 20 never talk to my parents or 6 sister or six brother but my them living in riyadh k.s.a. so you all grt married and have lots bf babies like us 1st pregnant sh had triples two adentical boyd and on little daddy is girl. thank you guys. if you e]wanna vist us your welcomanytime just let us know befor you hit here so we get to know each other and such, cal me let me know i am originaly from irbid jordan tel  701-210-0871 we live in fort texas and a am retiredddd 41 yrs old to take the time to rais my kids and islamic way , and by the way my wifr becam a muslim back when we met in universisy in nort carolina- chalottr and know we move to texas beques the kids can go to isloamic school here in texas too many of the and lot and loy of Arab liv indd there. anyway take care guys and let us knoe when caqn you come to fisit us.yallah salam 3aliko.


KRISZEN wrote at 2012-07-27 07:32:31

maria wrote at 2012-10-15 02:04:21
my boyfriend is a Jordanian / Palestinian. we both read this letter. A Muslim guy can marry a christian girl, no one can dictate him and put him in jail if he will marry a non-muslim..the guy is a certified liar... so just forget that liar....  

Suhaib wrote at 2012-10-15 02:09:16
Hello ..

I'm a Jordanian man and my origin from Palestine , i have a jordanian passport since born , me and all my family also since 1948 , i'm in love with a Filipina Girl i met her in Saudi Arabia ,and i visit her in Philippines so i think i'm near to your story , i can tell you about what he is telling if he did not marry a jordanian girl he will be in jail , let me tell you that this is not possible , i live in jordan and i know the regulations here about this issue , plus i have a friend have a temporary Jordanian passport he is from Palestine also , but he live in jordan since born and everything okay with him just like he is jordanian , so one of two is the right , that u  misunderstand what is the real problem with this guy or he is not telling the truth ...

About his family , yeah maybe they are not accepting that thier son will marry a girl from diffrent culture , but if he really loves , this will not be a problem for him .. at the end he can marry any girl he want , no one can stop him .. that's if he really want this , if he really honest in his love to her ... all i want to say , is just make sure that he loves you ...

I wish you the best of luck ..

Cherry wrote at 2016-04-25 18:44:18
I am a jordan nationality and a christian, i will go to Philippines to marry a filipina. Now my problem they require for me a certificate to contract marriage or the legal capacity of contract marriage.  But i don't know where to get this? Thank u i hope you can help me.because i don't have much time as i will go to Philippines on june 16, 2016 already. Thank u again foe the help.

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