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I've been perplexed about this question for quite sometime
My question is this how can Ishmael be the father of the Arab nation
When his father Abraham was a Jew and his mother Hagar was Egyptian?
Ishmael married an Egyptian and Esau married a Egyptian
How ca this be? What bloodlines are Arabs?
Does a Jew and Egyptian produce Arabs?
I'm doing a study on this subject matter and need the correct answer
Thank your

Dear Cindy,

This is not exactly where my expertise lies. But if you research even over the net, you will find that Ibrahim or Abraham is not a Jew it is a misconception. Ebraham's father is Caldanian from Mesapotamia. Originally from a city called Ur which is the Caldanian or Chaldees main land. This is mentioned in the old testament.

As far as the Quran is concerned it says clearly in the following verse that Ebraham is not a jew :Abraham was neither Jewish, nor Christian but he was a monotheist submitter and a muslim.Al Emran verse No:67.

Now all ancient ethnicity such as jews, assyrians, caldanian and aramaic are Semitic. So they all originate from the same root. Plus all Semitic people are immigrants who came from different areas and built civilizations. Now Jacob is Israel he is the father of official the Jews because he is the father of the 7 principal Jewish tribes.

One more point. Arabs came later on down the line , they decend from Semitic roots and the reason there is an Arab people is because they spoke a new language which is Arabic which was first spoken by Ismael who is derived from Nabati.

So languages and civilizations used to matter much more than decent as most ancient people derived from the same root and then developed their own empires , culture and language. And this is how one people prevailed over another, in addition to wars and invasion of course.Also commerce, trade and business played a big role. Just like English today is the main language in the world because it is the "technology and business" language, during the ancient civilization Aramaic was he prevailing language.And so on and so forth ...

I believe if you read further about this you can find lots of information available, some of it you can even find online. However, you need to read without any prior judgement or preconception and dig into the origins. Also Cindy don't rely on what you believe is standard and logic you need to understand how people's mentalities and cultures were at that time not your time. For example , today we follow our father's nationality and take on their names, however in ancient times women's surnames or tribes or roots or religions were more reliable to follow. The reason is as simple as Mothers are always more reliable sources of genes because they carry the child and bear them so there is no doubt of their maternity. While fathers could be anyone if women are dishonest or unfaithful.


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