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Hello,I am Orthodox Greek woman and I have a relationship with a muslim man from Libya.He came to meet me here.It was his second time in Greece and we had great time. I told him that i fall in love and i want a serious relationship he told me i want too but it is a bit hard we are different and he is not ready for something serious.after one month he came again and we made a marriage only to give him a chance to work somewhere in Europe.He stop to have sex with me.He told me that it is haram and I help him stop alcohol and he wants to pray for forgivness. We had many times cause he couldnt control he is in his country he told me after a time when he will be ready we will have marriage only if i m gonna do what he is saying..all this time he control me and he tried to change habits  my everything..I dont know what to do. I dont know nothing about his life there and i dont trust him but i love can i know what he really feels? Thank you

Dear Nana,

First of all you have to understand that relationships is not my expertise, also Islam is not my expertise, but I did not wish to reject your message as I felt you need someone to talk to, so let's consider me this someone.

But please don't take what I am going to say as expertise opinion or advise, because this is totally outside my field.

Life is all about choices and these choices are something very personal that you make on your own. Both men and women from all difference cultures will say what they want when they are 100% sure that this is what they want. If this man is not being direct there could be a number of reasons why starting from the option that he is not sure he loves you and wants you. Obviously he doesn't want you the way you are because he is trying to change you. But we cannot have EVERYTHING in a partner and he needs to understand that. He seems very demanding , I wonder how many things HE changed about himself for YOU.

If you say you don't trust him but you love him I think it will be a problem. Love is only a chemical reaction that goes away one day and we are stuck with our partner. So if he is someone that is not loveable and trustworthy you have to think twice.

The new year is soon to come, I think this is a good time for you to rethink your choices and think what YOU want.

I wish you the best.

Happy New Year


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