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HI Mi name is Julieta Im from Argentina and im 23 years old. He is 25from saudí arabia and he is in the MILITARY. I met him about a year ago..we met in USA , now he is back home and we are seeing the posibility of marrige..
we been looking info about that and we didnt find any prohibition about it.. but i think it does exist..
so my question is
a saudí military guy can marry a non muslim women ?
i really aprrecite ur answer thanks..

Hi Julieta,

What I know is the Saudis cannot marry women that aren't Saudi unless they have a very good reason for it. They need to get state permission first.

As for Islam it allows Muslim men to marry women that hold Ibrhimi faith  i.e. Christians & Jews.  

But it he has another nationality like the American one that he doesn't have to worry about any of this.



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