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Hi, I'm writing a science fiction novel and was raised in a Christian home so I have little knowledge of Islam or Allah. In my book two Muslim soldiers are killed. I want to write a respectful traditional funeral but I could not find anything for a funeral just by looking on Google. Can you tell me any traditional prayers or what I need to know to write a proper burial?

Hi Isaac

Firstly if they re soldiers and died at war then they are regarded Martyrs who have different funerals from normal people. Coz they are supposed to go directly to heaven. No need to do prayers for them or pray for mercy for them.

Martyrs are buried as they're found they are not washed nor undressed nor dressed by anything just wrapped with national flag.

Most Muslims don't burry the dead in boxes they are put into a deep whole in the ground.

A grave stone is made to mark the tomb and certain Quranic verses are engraved on it in addition to info abt the deceased.

Regarding funerals if you search Syrian martyr funerals on YouTube you ll find plenty to watch.

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