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QUESTION: I am a skeptic and studying various cultures worldwide.

I just came to know that Arabs have hated Jews. An Arab Haji Amin Al Husseini converted Hitler and told him to kill Jews.

Why Arabs hate Jews?

ANSWER: Dear Crus,

I don't understand your question.The bit about Hitler I don't understand anything from.

I can see you made the assumption that Arabs hate Jews, which is not very accurate because many Arabs are Jews so they cannot hate themselves. As you are studying cultures you should already know this.

What do you want to say ? What is your question?



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I am astonished to know that Arabs are Jews. They were once but during Hitler time, all Jews were forced to exit Arabia. Regarding Hazi Amin Al Hussaini, you can check as he was core consultant to Hitler w.r.t. Middle east affairs.

Why Arabs hate Jews?

Dear Crus,

This is a free service to answer one clear question. I still don't have that yet.

I haven't got time to exchange too many emails here. You are obviously not well informed about the region or the culture. One of the most ancient significant synagoges is located in Tunisia (an Arab country) jews travel there yearly to perform their religious rituals.

Please if you have a clear sustainable question send it other wise I cannot continue to receive your emails.



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