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QUESTION: Hi Sirine,
  I wanted to get a tattoo of the phrase 'Let Go and Let God' in Arabic but I want  to make sure it is translated correctly since it is  going to be on my body forever! I have seen many versions of it and I want to make sure what the correct version is.
Please help me(:


ANSWER: Hi Jasmine,

Well, could you tell me what you mean by Let Go and Let God? Are you trying to say Give up and Give God up. Or Relax and Let God/fate take its course?

Sorry I don't get it.

You see Arabic is all about context,unless you just want an exact transliteration of the words.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Sirine,
  I apologize for being unclear ,but when I say 'Let Go and Let God'  I mean to say relax and let god/fate take it's course.

Thank you for the help!


Hi again Jasmine,

You don't have to apologize :)

I am asking coz I don't want to give you a wrong answer.

Now there is a very famous saying in Arabic with that exact meaning it is :

إعقلها و توكل على الله

This saying means plan things and then depend on God.

So it is almost what you want to say.

Now if you wish something more exact to : Relax and leave things to God. It would be:

إهدأ و اترك الأمور لله

Usually in Arabic culture you just say depend on God:  توكل على الله

So which ever you like better.




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