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Hi Sirine, I have two questions for you!

Firstly, could you please translate my brother Melwyn's name into the Arabic script for me? If there would be any differences between pronouncing the name Melwyn in English versus saying it in the Arabic language, could you please also guide me with the phonetics on that?

I also have another question, if that's okay... there's a quote in Arabic that I have always found very touching. Apparently, the translation is:"When a wound stops to cry, it will start to sing." According to some sources on the web, this is how it would be written: أن الجرح عندما يتعب من البكاء
يبدأ في الغناء

I'd like to get this quote tattooed on myself, but I just wanted to check with you first if it's correct, so that I can be 100% sure before I ink myself permanently. Please let me know the phonetics for this too when you can :) thank you for your help!

Hi Tina

Regardind the sentence you want tattooed it s correct as you put it.

As for your brother s name I don t know what it means but this is how you write it in Arabic ملوين

Hope this helps regards.



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