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Hey Sirine,

How are you? I am the questioner you answered previously, and I am the same questioner whom you rejected to answer because I asked for translation of two simple words and you asked me for payment. At that time, the question was about the translation of simple two words. However, this time you gave me a comprehensive answer, and I really feel sorry for not telling you that you were angry at me. I gave you the best rating and you replied that you were happy with the ratings and thanked me a lot. You were very angry with me at that time but now you are happy with me. I know that allexperts is a free service and I do consider this thing. Therefore, I ask short questions and give the best ratings to the expert. I really do apologize for making you angry, Sirine.

Yours sincerly,


Hi Den,

I m sorry I don't remember you or the incident, so it is difficult for me to discuss it now.

Thanks for your apology anyway, it only shows you are a decent person I m sorry I didn't see that then.

Please don't hesitate to send any questions in the future , I ll be happy to answer them.

All the Best,



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I can answer questions related to Syrian culture especially Damascene. I can also answer questions about "Arabic" cultures in general. I can answer in English, French and of course in Arabic.


I m a native.

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