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Hello I am from Panama, my grandfather was from Damascus in Syria, migrated a long time ago to Argentina, never met him because he died when my dad was a boy. I am looking for the meaning of our last name if you can help me please, it's spelled "El Achtar" as it was in dad's birth papers in Argentina, my grandfather didn't speak much spanish so I am not sure they has it right.  Everthing i found is abour akthar, al akthar, al lat akthar, is it the same? Thank you very much.

Hello Elizabeth,

Well you have given me a number of words written in English not in Arabic. They could be any word I cannot be sure unless I know what the word is in Arabic. The reason is vowels in Arabic are not the same in Latin based languages and they are many and each is different.

Al Achtar - is the CH read like Sh... like Shake? or like CH in Spanish ? like J in Hijo??

Al Akthar - is the TH read like Th.. like The (house) or like Theme ? (two different letters)

You need to send me one word in Arabic so that I can tell you what it is and what does it mean.
If you can't write Arabic then you got to tell me what do the letters in English sound like.

Sorry to burst your bubble but Arabic is different as it is a Semitic language.




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