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hi good morning .a  question pops in my mind sometimes that if suppose a Saudi ,a egyption,a Syrian,qatari .moroccan,emirathi,happen to meet each other,will they understand each others Arabic language without the one asking the other what that particular word means, as I work in airline industry I happen to meet arabs who ask me where that particular place is how to say go straight and follow the path,clothes are wet ,its garbage ,sir I want to learn Arabic ,can u give me advice how and in what duration can I be able to master spoken Arabic or any other language ,kindly advice thank you very much

Dear Gul,

You are mixing things up here . There is only modern classic Arabic which is written official Arabic that all Arabs understand but do not speak. Each Arabic country , communinity , region use their own dialect or accent to communicate together on a non-official basis.

Science says that it takes 6months to learn a new language. How long it takes to master a new language depends on a person's ability, teaching method and how much they practise.




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