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Are expert determination final and binding, and are they capable of ousting the jurisdiction of courts?

Dear Duminda,

In certain cases, if the parties choose binding arbitration, then the decision of the arbitrator(s) is binding.  At least that's how it works in the United States.  I am not familiar with the laws of Sri Lanka.  Generally speaking, however, the ruling of a court can only be overturned by an Appeal.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is, there will always be people who want to do injustices to other people for apparently no good reason.  I can mention the witch hunts that we used to have here in America.  We used to burn people at the stake if we thought they were witches.  As everyone now knows, there are no witches so, all of that that was done hundreds of years ago, and agreed to by the masses, was completely wrong and we all know that now.

The same thing goes on today.  There are injustices done all the time to many people.  I do not know why other people take such joy with hurting other people because we all spend such a short time on this planet with our lives - no one lives forever.  What my experience has shown me is that people who try to take advantage of other people and put other people down, are worthless and weak.  It is the strong people who are kind, considerate and compassionate.

If you have truth on your side, you will win.



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