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How can I successfully craft a winning quantum meruit argument? I have already had a hearing on this issue and was told that my argument needs "beefing up".

It is an employment dispute, where a Labor Hearing Officer found that there was no employment agreement.

I have the W-2 from the previous employer, my standard contract for services (which I use when hired as a private contractor), comparable salaries for the work I did ( website),a detailed log of the hours worked for this employer, my personal calendar, my work product, all of the emails sent between me and the principals, emails from individuals outside the company who I corresponded with while doing work for the company and witnesses
who can testify to the work I did for the company.

Am I missing anything important?


For a quantum meruit claim, you need to show the benefit to your former employer.  Quantum Meruit is a claim based in equity so you need to show your detriment and the employer's gain from your labor.

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