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I live in Illinois. About 5 years ago I was taken to court for child support. I had previously been paying cash every week to my sons mother for a number of years, but never kept documentation. The court put a judgment on me for $15,000, as my child's mother said I never paid the entire time. The interest on that large of an amount is more than my monthly payment, and the balance keeps on increasing, even though the money come directly out of my check and goes to her. The recently suspended my drivers license because of the outstanding balance. Is there anything I can do? Also, is it possibly for his mother to go to court and tell the judge to somehow "write-off" the balance if we make a new agreement in private between just us two, if I could get her to agree on an arrangement?

Greetings, Sorry for the delay, but I am traveling.  Unfortunately I am not familiar with the operations of State agencies in child support enforcement cases, nor can I comment on how available such agencies are to mediation.  I would surmise that there are protocols for advocacy on behalf of supporting parents.  Hopefully another expert is able to address your question, good luck!


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