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Arbitration/Mediation/Failure by Arbitrator to File Decision


I recently had a compulsory Arbitration Hearing for a civil case in Maricopa County Superior Court.  By Rules of Court, the Arbitrator was required to submit Notice of Decision 10 days after the hearing, which she did not do.  I then contacted the Arbitration Department and was told that they give an additional 5 day grace period for mailing.  When that period expired, they recommended that I contact the Arbitrator and ask if she had a timetable in mind for filing. She never responded back to me.  

So what do I need to file now with the Court in order to get the Arbitrator to file her paperwork? What is/are the next step(s)?


You can file a Motion Compelling an Arbitration Decision with the Judge on your case; however, that will likely upset the arbitrator who will most likely give an unfavorable ruling.  You can also file a Motion to Remove the Arbitrator with the judge on your case.  The judge who is assigned to your case can and most likely will take action.

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