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Wahinkpe Wakan wrote at 2015-02-05 03:54:42
@Ralph...That was the best answer ever!  Your tact and manner is the exact style needed by professional archies to help inspire the youth of tomorrow, yet not violate the codes of your peers.   It is in the excitement and interest of our youth that shall lead to an increasingly accurate story of history, and of course "proper" funding via that seeded interest you instill so well.  I personally would love to read more from you. Thanks!

@Vernon Nice finds!  Though they are removed from their original context and that, like Ralph said, tears a page out of the book, I still hope you can remember where you found them, or have family access to the property so as to document as much as you can about each item, including terrain and type of earth where they were found.  Not that it will be used by a university now per sae, but perhaps in the future it can be a clue of comparison to help guide someone to the next great discovery.   Montana has so much great history from thousands of years ago, you never know, you may be marked down for an assist.  Good Luck and Thanks for sharing.  


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Archaeologist for the last 30 years. Norh American generalist and Hopwell culture/Red Ocher culture specifically. Lithics Expert and Ground Stone tools.


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