Can we make alloys at home. How can we do so.

An alloy is simply two or more metals mixed together.  For instance 14 kit gold is an alloy of gold, silver and a little copper.  The copper pipes in your house are an alloy of copper and tin with a little zinc.  The solder used to hold the pipes together is an alloy of tin and zinc.  A long time ago lead was also a component of solder but this type can no longer be used for pipe bonding.  

So to answer your question, yes, you can make an alloy but you will need low melting point metals.  Tin, lead,zinc, and a few others (but more dangerous) can be heated enough to create your own alloys.  

But be warned, this can be very dangerous.  The fumes can kill you, it is very hot so can burn you, it can start fires, the molten metals can catch fire and some can burn so brightly they can cause blindness.  I would strongly recommend that you not experiment with this with unless you have knowledgable supervision.  


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