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Hi Ralph. I am having difficulty finding a camera to take clear pics of the khnum amulet I have been asking you about. Can you just give me a ball park idea of its value if it is indeed genuine? Thank You. Dwight.

Hi Dwight,

From the pics I do have, it is hard to judge if it is the genuine article.  Many were made from the mid 1800's on for the tourist trade and most were not well done.  The more recent tourist materials are much better.  

If it is a real one, such amulets were not uncommon as these were often kept in the home to "provide spiritual protection" much like other "deity statuary" may be used.  The ancient egyptians were quite superstitious folks.  HOwever, the representative god would need to be a very good representation with all of the markings appropriate to the deity.  A priest of that "sect" would make sure of its quality.  

From the pics, I/m not sure but I don't think it would meet the quality requirements.  Now of course it may have been worn or carried which could account for the wear and tear.  So, I'm not saying that it isn't real.  On the value side of things, that is a tough question to answer.  It depends on quality and authenticity.  As an archaeologist, I generally avoid placing a value on such objects as this just encourages the destruction of sites.

You may want to take the object to Christies or Sutheby's auction house as they have experts that may be able to help with authentication.


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