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I'm currently an archaeology student in Arizona. I have some field experience here but would like to get more. I was wondering if you know of any programs that maybe I could apply to? Also I would like to focus in India and if you would recommend any universities that have more resources for studies of India?

Hi Lily,

In the UK there is an organization called the Field Studies Council.  They have programs in archaeology all over the UK.  In my younger days I participated in several digs sponsored by them including working at Vindolanda on Hadrian's wall, The Roman Mosaics at Bath and an Iron Age Hill fort in far western Wales.  These would all be great experiences for you if you want to work in India since they use the British methods of Archaeology which are different from those used in the US.  Our is some what more precise and scientifically approached while theirs is more classically approached and not as scientific.  (it is changing however with greater influences from the US).  Indian archaeology is somewhat in its infancy.  There are several universities in India that are now sponsoring archaeology degrees and masters/doctoral programs.  But they also use the British educational system which is different from ours yet again.  

You will also need to make some decisions.  Northern India or southern India East or west of the Ghat Mountains, cultural affinity and so on.  

Personnally, I think early man in India would be very cool since this is still a big open book with very little work done in the area.  This could be done for the whole of India and beyond.  

Each university that has archaeology programs are on the internet.  Take a look at who teaches the courses and where they were educated.  Then chose based on this.

At least initially.

I hope this helps, please ask more questions and I will try to be of greater assistance.  


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