hello my name is Brendon, i am a 8th grade home schooler. can plz tell which is the best archeological school in texas that studies greek, viking, and united kingdom history.

         thank you,

Schools in Sweden, Denmark, and the UK do have viking studies.  

Hi Brandon,

That is a very broad range of interests.  But no school, in Texas or other wise, covers this whole range.  Greek is considered one of the "Classics" and the best schools for this are on the east coast or at U of Chicago.  UTAustin does a little with UK history and may touch on Viking as it relates to the British Isles.  There aren't many schools that focus on the Vikings.  Seaton Hall does as much in the US as anyone and they have a good program.  

UT Austin and the others in the system do a good job with North American Archaeology and MesoAmerican.  Have you considered North American Archaeology?

As an 8th grader you still have a long way to go.  I would recommend that you look for a summer school program where you can either volunteer or perhaps get college credit for participating in a field school.  Go to and see if there are any field schools near you.  Also in the UK there is an organization called the Field Studies Council.  They have summer field schools that last one to 4 weeks in the UK where they may be working on a Roman site or prehistoric one.  These field schools do accept kids your age and they put you up and feed you too during the school.  Most of the kids will be your age or a bit older.

Here is some advice to keep in mind.  This was advice given to me by Mary Leaky the wife of the famed Louis Leaky.  

Become an archaeologist, BUT, also study some thing else so that you can earn a living.  Study Economics, History, teaching or plumbing, masonary or something where you can work most of the year and then have summers off to be an archaeologist and when you are too old to do it, you then have something to fall back on.  

Its was good advice and just keep it in mind.

Good Luck


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