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Archaeology/stones, are they human-made?


i've found these stones
in Menashe hills, south-east of the Carmel (not in the same location). as for the circular one, i wonder if it is a human-made for some purpose, or just natural accidently circular. a similar question about the other one, could it be a hand stone?

Dear Eitan
The round ones look like they may be hammerstones or grinding stones (Neolithic).
The larger flat objects look like flint flakes, or possibly handaxes, that have been damaged by exposure to fire.
I am assuming you are in Israel.  If so, then the best thing to do: Take them to either the archaeologists at Haifa Univ. (ask for Prof. Dany Nadel) or the Stekelis Museum there in Haifa or take them to the rangers at Naha HaMearot Park.  They know the area and its archaeology very well.  If you live far from the Carmel, just look up the archaeologists at whichever of these universities is closest: Hebrew Univ (Prof. Erella Hovers), Tel Aviv Univ (Prof. Avi Gopher), Beersheva (Prof. Steve Rosen).
If you are not in Israel, look for archaeologists at your nearest major research university and show the tools to them.
(I hiked in that area a lot back in the 1980s, stone tools are everywhere, but so too is  lot of naturally-fractured and damaged flint.)
John Shea


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