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Lake Geroge Rock
Lake Geroge Rock  
I was digging in my yard in Hague NY by Lake George and found this strange rock that looks to be clay interior with maybe a ceramic or other type of coating enclosing it. It is about the size of a door knob. Thinking it might be an antique door knob I tested it with a magnet and it is not magnetic. A ceramics professional "tasted" the interior portion and she believes it is clay/dirt. I searched Algonquin war clubs and see no resemblance. Can you tell me if this is a historic artifact of some kind or just some natural occurring rock formation?

Hi Jim,  

Sorry but this is not an artifact but rather an interesting geological sample.  It is a clay concretion with a silt/sandstone covering.  It is not unlike an M&M peanut candy with its layers.  Yours was formed during the last ice age as the glaciers ground rock into clay, it formed no duals of clay which then picked up layers of silt and sand.  Over time and pressure these harden.  Examples of ancient ones can be found near The Gray Bruce in Canada.  With time and pressure these nodules turn into agate.

Yours is to young and soft.  You can split yours and see the layers.  


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