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QUESTION: I recently come across the stones/rocks while hunting for indian artifacts. I am stumped as to the style or nature of these stones and being in close proximity of areas I have found arrowheads and etc. I am attaching some images and would love some insight as to what these are, there history/ meanings and possible worth. Thanks for your time

Vicki Smith

ANSWER: Hi Vicki ,

Can you tell me more?  Did you find these near the field margins?  Near a road?  These look very much like coarse road gravel.  Which could have been picked in the wheels of a tractor or combine.  This a modern quarried stone vs some thing prehistoric.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you so much for your quick response. I live in extreme north ala. very
close to the Tennessee river. The back side of our property is all mountains, this is where i found the diamonds, I even find them especially where there is napped flint and there is a ton of that. Here are a few others I have.

Hi Vicki,  

Chert and Flint are both sedimentary rocks.  This material is often layered like a layer cake with lime stone in-between, some times sand stones or silt stones.  You may have a flint or chert quarry at the back of your property.  This "diamond" shaped stone is typical for a quarry site where this over burden is being removed in order to get to the flint/chert.  (Flint and Chert are closely related silicate material favored by Native Americans for making a wide range of tools).  What happens is that they would have used antler or stone picks to break up the layers of rock to get to the chert.  In the process the thin layers would have broken into these diamond shapes and other shapes too.  

I'd love to see the area of where this is found.  It may be an important site that the state archaeologist should know about.  


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