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I just purchased a house in Australia and found what i think is a cannonball in the front garden. It's a historic homestead in our area and from what i can tell was built by a soldier after returning from world war 1.
The name of the house is St Quentin. Named after a battleground in France that the soldier forte in.
After doing a little internet research the size of the cannonball seems to fit for a Culverin cannon which was used by the French.
So if this is a cannonball i assume he return home from war with the ball that he found there???
Anyway can you tell me if it is a cannonball and if so how old it is?  Thanks.

Hi Jason,

It is a cannon ball and based on the size, I would agree that it is a Culverin type cannon.  Both the French and British had them, slightly different but could use the same munitions.  Unfortunately, there is no determination as to its age.  Culverin type cannon have been used since the 1700's and through the 1st world war.  It looks like it is steel vs. bronze which could make it English or American.  If there are markings or if there is a 1" round plug, with two dimples be very careful with it as this is the fuze. If has such a fuze, it could be filled with back powder and thus still live! I've known several persons who have been badly injured or even killed when trying to open one of  these or droping one.  Take care not to drop it or try to open it. And, I would not keep it in the house in the unlikly event of a fire, the thing could explode with exposure to high heat.



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