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Hi Ralph. Back in 2011 I asked if you could look at this amulet I have. You asked for more pictures and I never got them for you. I apologize but I have some now. any help would be very appreciated. If you cannot tell if it is real from the pictures are you in southern California? Thank You. Dwight.

Thank you Dwight,

I can tell you definitively that it is not ancient.  It was probably made in the 1920's or 1930's for the tourist trade which was very hot at the time. How can it tell.  1) the facial features are indistinct on a real one they would be very well defined, 2) the head leans forward as does the whole of the figure if sitting on a flat surface.  a real one would be standing erect. 3) while you don't have it photographed, there would be "seal or ank" on the base or the figurine but I do not see a raised area, so I assume there isn't one.  4) There would normally be an inscription on the back, since you did not photograph it, I will assume that there isn't one.  and lastly, 5) the body posture would be very similar to that of other standing gods with full body view and hands holding the "stem" of life.  This is very indistinct on yours.  So, it is still an antique by modern standards just not ancient.  Sorry.


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