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Attached are a few pictures of a bone knife that has been in my family for years. I have searched the Internet for a few years  trying to find out some information about this knife. I have not had any luck.  I am hoping that you might be able to tell me something about this knife.  It is made from a bone and that is all I know and it is very old. Any information would be so appreciated.

Hi Kimberly,

It has some interesting elements.  First of all it is made of some kind of bovine bone, cow, steer, ox something like that.  It was probably made by a slave for use in and around their home as metal was expensive and some slave owners did not allow their property to own knives.  The motif is some what African in nature which why I believe it is slave made but the details are not strong enough to identify a tribal afiliation which also leads me to believe that this may have been made by a slave perhaps 2nd generation from one brought over.  Given the ware on the blade, it was used and heavily. Knives would have had many uses during this time frame.  It is at least 150 years old and perhaps as much as 250 years old.  


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