I found this while searching for artifacts below Dayton Ohio, The area I found this in I have found many primitive tools.          

I had asked a geologists on this site what type of rock it my be and below is his answer.

I included pic 12 to show what looks like a human face and a rodent head that he couldn't see. Everyone who has seen it can see the faces but its split 50/50 if its man made on just something nature carved. My question is. What is your opinion?  Thanks Carl

Very interesting rock.  Looks like a clay-rich limestone, which is not uncommon in Michigan.  But I am intrigued by the hole in the rock.  Holes can certainly be made by natural, erosional means, I've seen many.  But this one looks so regular, and the edges look so smooth it makes me wonder.  I get the feeling it is artificial.  I don't recognize shapes in it that look particularly utilitarian or artistic but that doesn't mean it isn't either of those.  I'm pretty sure you have an primitive carving or tool.

Hi Carl,  

It is an interesting item.  The labels do help in seeing what you see.  How ever in all of my days as an archaeologist if some one is going to intentionally "carve" an image into a stone, it is always clear and identifiable.   Lime stone is fairly soft so the carving should be easy and clear.  As for the hole, that is a different story,  that does look man made.  Stones like this were used as net weights.


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