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I've had several stone objects I found many years ago on a private ranch. I have taken these to three different archaeologists over the years and get conflicting information.
In one particular instance I was taken to the back of the museum and my objects were compared to others from Southern France and it was difficult to tell mine from some of those in the drawers at the museum.

I will attach a couple of photos but I have several of these stone objects, some are petrified wood while those from a different location are different rock.



Hi Bobby
the uppermost object looks like a large flake that has had some weathering and a flake detached from it recently.  The trapezoidal grey area at the top is the freshly-fractured surface.
The lower most object looks to me like a core of some kind, also heavily weathered.
These kinds of artifacts are common finds throughout much of the world and do not indicate any particular culture or time period.
John Shea


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