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I have to do a research paper on the broad topic of NA Archaeology. I've got to find at least 10 sources for what ever topic it is but I am having a hard time finding something that really interests me. Can you perhaps suggest a couple of interesting (or at least popularly studied) archaeological sites in North America?
Some searching has led me to site like The Lawson Site in London, ON, CA. But it seems to be more tourist than academic in information that is available.
I would really appreciate any suggestions/ideas/tips.
Thank you.

Hi Courtney,

There are a number of interesting sites across North America.  Among these are the Koster Site, Cahokia, Chaco Canyon,  Hardaway, Adena, Little Big Horn,  Louisbourg, and Jamestown.

All have been professionally excavated and all should have extensive literature in archaeological papers.   The sites I have noted above range from the Paleo Indian to Historic.  

SOme times just knowing the names of sites will help find information on line or in the library.  Yes, you may need to use the library for this research.



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