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Shipibo Tribal Bowl - Peru
Shipibo Tribal Bowl -  

Shipibo Tribal Bowl - Peru
Shipibo Tribal Bowl -  
I've recently acquired a clay bowl & in researching online I've found it could possibly be from a Shipibo Tribe in Peru. The bowl is 8" round at the top with one small chip & minimal crack at the top...over all the bowl is in very good condition and in tact. On the bottom of the bowl it is handwritten:  Made in Peru
Please advise as much information as possible & what you would consider it's worth or if it may be a souvenir type bowl.  ~ Many Thanks,  Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,

This is a modern bowl.  Probably made in the last 20 years or so for the tourist trade.  They are very inexpensive, in relative terms.  The fact that it has any damage at all lowers its value considerably.   I wouldn't even hazard a guess as to value.  Sorry.



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