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I have a couple questions I like to ask you

What are the most common things when digging in the field?
Do you have any advice for someone going into Archaeology?

Thank you

Hi Jack,

First question is hard to answer.  First of all it will depend on what you are excavating.  Native American, some thing historical, under water... Etc...   It takes patience, it can be hot and uncomfortable in the field, could be wet or even freezing cold...  You may only have a day or two or the whole summer...  And more patience, it is exacting, precise work.  Any time you are in the field excavating, you are reading the pages of history while at the same time tearing out the page you are reading.  In order to reconstruct that page, you have to record everything you see and remove both in map form and digitally so you can reconstruct the page.  

Secondly.  I will give you the same advice I have given many others and it is the same advice I was given me by my dear and departed friend, Mary Leaky:

By all means study Archaeology BUT also study economics, engineering, business, or plumbing.  Why?  Because if you are unable to find work as an archaeologist you will be able to find work in an alternative area.  OR become a teacher so that you have your summers off with pay so that you can be an archaeologist during the field season.  

I hope this helps


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