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artifacts 2
artifacts 2  
"Hi Ralph

I found these items in the Middle James River(the largest one was found in an old creek in Park Ridge NJ)  and was not sure if they were artifacts or simple rock formations as I really do not know much about this however they are unusual looking. The small round one is extremely smooth and very light. The middle size one is extremely smooth on one side and rough on the other.  Thanks for your help and sorry in advance if these are "just rocks""

Hi Gregg,

These look like river stones.  But if you would take pics of the "pointy" ends so  that I can evlauate if they have been used for other purposes I would appreciate it.  Stones with pointy ends like these may have been used for quarrying activities or even as hammer stones to make flint tools.  The small one looks like it may just be a river pebble but since most Native American peoples fished and used nets to do so, it could be a net weight.  They tended to be smaller and smooth like this one.  But there is no clear way to identify its use as such.



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