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Unknown tool
Unknown tool  

Unknown tool
Unknown tool  
Good evening

We are trying to assist an elderly resident in West Glover, Vermont. She is a local
Historian and has unearthed this item many years ago. It has been sent to vermonts state museum as well as local
Experts and it can not be definitively identified.
It is made of stone. It appears to have a cutting edge to it about 25/30 degrees in angle. This would lead one to believe it was used for cutting or chopping however the angle is wrong.

At the balance point (narrowest point) it fits my large hand comfortably leading me to believe it is a hand tool rather than a part of a machine (like a plow). I have more photos, if you have the time to review them.

I as well as her and our local historical society appreciate your time in reviewing this.
Any help or thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.

You may contact me at
Adam H.

Thanks again for your time.

Hi Adam

It is an interesting object.  It appears to be a "hatchet" and the matrix material does apear to be stone.  I would be interested in seeing more photos of the object including straight down with a ruler for the purposes of scale.  The one photo with the yard stick is at to great an angle.  I'd like to see both sides and a close up of the "edge" on both sides.  Would this be possible?


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